And on the 210th Day...Let There be Light!!!

Hello again!!

Yes, it’s true, it has been 210 days since this project started and we finally have light! More specifically, we have light fixtures and they actually work (well most of them. They didn't order enough pendants and one of the pot lights didn't work).

It has been a very eye opening experience watching this project move forward. you have heard me complain and rant about the delays and it is probably getting tired!

I have tried being positive and seeing the pendant and pot lights going in has helped, but still there are ongoing issues that are complicating the build.

Mechanical is still not done as we are still waiting for the Air Handler and Make Up Air Units to arrive. Without those in place, there is absolutely no work being done. I went to he restaurant Friday and not one person was there. Frustrating to say the least!

I have no idea if the units are coming this week as I am usually the last person to find out what is going on. I’m not faulting the contractors as they are waiting as well. The landlord on the other hand...well let’s just keep that for another day (or week or month) to discuss!!

Enough about the negative and back to the positive. The lighting looks great and is going to really help with setting the right moods during service. Millwork has started and the cabinets are in for the coffee bar areas. The office and dining room millwork will be finished once the mechanical is complete.

I am hoping to give all of you a definitive opening date and this week will be crucial in getting that settled. I am hoping to have something posted in the upcoming August Newsletter that will go out before the long weekend.

So, thanks again for checking out the blog. I am really looking forward to getting open and seeing all of you very soon!

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