It's Starting to Come Together (Finally)!!

So, after the last couple updates, I was starting to feel like the restaurant Gods were against me!! I felt helpless and lost and wanted to throw in the towel! It as that bad for a time.

Then last week, something happened that made me come alive again and reignited the fire inside me. We worked out a compromise with the city and landlord for the exhaust and the kitchen equipment arrived. Seeing all of that stainless steel made me feel like a child at Christmas. It had actually been so long since I ordered the equipment, that I actually forgot what I actually did order.

Now the hoods have been installed in the kitchen and the team can now go in an take measurements for the black pipe (exhaust piping). Pretty exciting!

Also, the floor has been installed and the large bench has been started in the dining room. It is really coming together and I can finally see the finish line. As long as everything goes smoothly, we could be fully open after the August Long weekend (fingers, eyes, ears, toes, arms and legs crossed!). I am hoping to be able to post a solid date the week of July 23, so stay tuned for that HUGE announcement.

In between all of the excitement, The Cave held a Pop Up Dinner on July 3 at Northern Chicken. We hosted thirty-two [32] guests and dazzled them a five [5] course tasting menu. It was a great opportunity for the staff to finally work together as a team. Things went well (except for the bourbon cherry mishap!) and everyone went home happy and well fed!

Last night, we hosted a private Birthday Dinner for seventeen [17] people. We had booked this party months ago to be held at the restaurant, but with all of the delays, I felt we needed to just get them in before Melissa got another year older!! We were in the Trinity Lutheran Church and had a great time. Again, we did a five [5] course menu with my Executive Sous Chef, Scott Wyman and Nicole Lee working the front of house.

There was some excitement as the hood vent was not functioning and we proceeded to set off the fire alarm. Two [2] fire trucks were dispatched and they helped clear up the smoke and the alarms. Just another day in the life of a chef!!

So, updates will be coming more frequently in the next couple of weeks as things really start to move and I can't wait to open and have all of you come in and experience my vision! And, people might actually see me with a smile on my face (I may deny it happened!).

So stay tuned! We're getting close to the finish line!

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