All I Can Do is Laugh!

Hello again! I know it has been a while since my last entry, but really there hasn't been much going on.

Luckily, the permits we had been waiting for have been approved and issued by the city. Only took them months to figure it out and in doing so, made it more expensive and time consuming for me. We had to order a custom Hood for the kitchen all the way in North Carolina and it could take 3-5 weeks to arrive. To say I am disappointed and upset would be an understatement, but what can I do at this point! LAUGH! Nothing has gone right on this build and even my contractors are frustrated with the landlord and the city. We should have done months ago. We will just continue to plug along and eventually, the restaurant will get built.

Since the permits were issued, there was an entire week where no work was done. The space was locked up and empty for an entire week! WTF!! Again, I had to just LAUGH!

Last week finally saw workers back in the space and the duct work has begun in anticipation of our new and highly over-budgeted make up air unit. The painters are scheduled to start painting Tuesday/Wednesday with the floor installation to follow.

We are hoping that the millwork team will be coming in to install benches and cabinets the week after the long weekend. I feel like a pretzel after crossing fingers, toes, ears, eyes and legs for all of this to on time! If not, I guess I will just LAUGH it off! Maybe I should take Frank Costanza's advice and just repeat "Serenity Now!!!". Most of you know how that ended! Let's hope I can keep it together.

In the interim, I have scheduled a Pop-Up Dinner on July 3 at Northern Chicken. Tickets are on sale now until Saturday June 30. Only 40 seats are available and I hope you can make it out. We will be doing a Five Course Tasting Menu. You can find details on our Facebook and Instagram.

The next edition of The Cave Newsletter will be released on Friday June 29 with some really good Canada Day recipe ideas and hopefully news on the actual opening date for The Cave!

Thanks again to everyone for their support and patience.

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