A Roller Coaster Ride

Well, another week has come and gone and what a week it has been!

Lots to cover this week. First off, the construction has been progressing very nicely. After a small issue with the wood finish for the coffee bar and kitchen walls, the rest of the walls have been finished and they look fantastic (or at least I think so!!). I was going to get the contractors to fix the mistake, but after a few days of back and forth in my mind, I have decided to keep it as is. It just looks too good to tear down and redo!

The special wall treatment for the remaining walls is also complete. Wow, it really came out better than I had hoped. This design feature has never been done before and I had joked with my contractors that I should trademark it to ensure no one else steals it!! I won't give away any secrets, but I am giving you a sneak preview of how it looks. Now, it is not fully finished, but you will get a fairly good idea of what I'm trying to accomplish!

Earlier in the week, we finally completed our Dinner and Brunch Menus. Pretty happy with what we are going to offer. We tried to think outside the box and have come up with a very exciting menu that will showcase our local farmers and suppliers. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you might get a sneak peak of the menus before I fully launch them on the website later this week! I will also be posting other sneak peeks on Instagram & Facebook, so make sure you check us out there!

On Thursday morning, the entire staff met at the restaurant for a meet & greet. It was really nice to have mostly everyone there. We have an incredible group of people and they will ensure you have an amazing experience at The Cave.

The kitchen team will be working this weekend to prepare for Indulgence Edmonton. The event is June 11 and there are still a few tickets available. We have been paired with Doef's Greenhouse and Summerhill Pyramid Wines. We won't be releasing our menu, so if you want to find out, you'll have to get your tickets. Otherwise, you will have to wait until next week to hear the details! We would love to see you there and for tickets you can go to www.indulgenceedmonton.ca and order them online.

So, that is all of the good news! Now for the bad!

We thought we had our Mechanical issues resolved, but now the city is giving us grief. this has been the biggest reason for our delays in getting open and our engineer is working daily to get things resolved. Work in the restaurant may come to a halt as we need to get some resolution before moving ahead with painting, installing floors and other finishes. My fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs and even ears are crossed that we can get this solved early this week. The contractors have promised to give me a solid date so I can give a definitive opening date.

I just wanted to say 'Thank you' to all of you for your patience and support. I know you have been itching to checking us out and the end is near. I just need you to be a little more patient with us. I have been trying to move things along, but a lot of this stuff is out of my hands. I just really appreciate all of you. It means a great deal to me and hope you won't be disappointed when we finally open our doors.

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