Here We Go!!

Hey everyone! Well things have certainly started to get moving at the site. We finally had our building permits approved and we were then able to get our Electrical and Plumbing Inspections done. The guys were chomping at the bit to get started and as soon as the approvals came in, they hopped to it.

Drywall has gone up and mudding and taping followed. The Millwork guys were in later in the week to start prepping for cabinets, the unique vestibule and other design finishes.

This week will see the team putting up the FRP (Fibreglass panels)in the kitchen areas and then moving onto the wall finishes for the restaurant. From there, millwork and wood finishes and painting will get started. The space changes almost daily and I am excited to see what it will look like in the next few days.

On the food side of things, I spent time in the kitchen making assorted cheeses and baked goods. I made an English Triple Cream, Gorgonzola, Aged Cheddar and a Cashew Cream Cheese. All the cheeses are Paleo and will be featured on the menu. This week will see me making Mozzarella, Provolone, Smoked Gouda and Burrata!

I also tried a new biscuit recipe and they turned out great. They are definitely going to be a daily offering in the bakery and will be featured on our menus.

On Friday, I visited Chrysta at Food in the Nud and was treated to some of her delectable treats. She is creating Whole Food Baking and has Vegan, Paleo and even Keto options. Delicious!! Get down there and get yours! They are located at 9628 -76 Ave and you can check out their website at .

Well, that is all for today! I wish I had news about our opening date, but not yet. We are still waiting for the ETA of the Make Up Air Unit. That will be the final piece and once it is here, I will have a firm date for all of you! I am pushing for June 15, so keep checking back on the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the Announcement.

I'm going to get back to the kitchen and continue working to create new, exiting and tasty dishes for you to enjoy!!

Remember, we will be at Indulgence XV this year on June 11 being hosted by Delta South Edmonton. Tickets are available now and can be purchased at

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