The Sound of Music

Things have really started to move forward over the past 10 days. Most of the preliminary electrical has been completed and the plumbers are finishing up tomorrow.

The real issue is that we have been unable to get inspections done from the city. Without those, the drywall and boarding can not start. This has put us back again and is starting to frustrate myself and the project team.

Not one to sit around and not do anything, we decided we would do some speaker configuration and music testing. With the help of my good friend, Teddy Rapati, we were able to set up temporary speakers and test the sound in the space. We fell that we have the best way to configure them to allow for the beat sound. It’s not easy to figure the beat config, but we feel like we have found a good balance.

One bonus is that the pony wall for the kitchen is up. This gives us a good idea of the space and definitely shows how open the kitchen will be to our customers.

I hope to have a lot more updates next week, but will depend on inspections being completed.

Please stay tuned for my next update.

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