The Cave will only use locally sourced proteins and produce whenever available.

We want to bring you the very best ingredients to your table and also support our local farmers.

Bear & Flower (Pork)

Top Grass (Beef)

Wishbone Wellness (Broth)

True Buch (Kombucha)


The Cave

I have been a lover of food all of my life.  I used to love watching my Grandmother make my favourite Ukrainian dishes and her baking was sublime.  I always made sure I watched how she created those amazing delights.

Then one day, I decided I wanted to be a chef.  I went to Culinary school and started my journey, not without it's bumps in the road.

I also loved sports and coaching and that became a huge part of my life, that I put the dream of being a chef on hold.  I never gave up my passion for cooking though, always trying new recipes and cooking family meals with my mother.  It was just hibernating!!

I went to work as a sous chef in a restaurant in 1999 and enjoyed getting into a real commercial kitchen.  I was able to learn a lot about the business of restaurants and such, but the long hours wore on me.


In late 2000, my father asked me to come and work with my brothers at a new business as a Customer Service Rep.  I accepted and again, the next 17 years were spent there learning everything about Wireless Communications and business operations. I became the VP Operations at Wireless City in 2010 and really enjoyed where I was. There was however, that lingering lust for cooking.  

In 2012, I met the love of my life, Jennifer. Unfortunately, she had some serious food sensitivities.  She couldn't eat gluten, dairy or soy! The trifecta of food! This is the time when I started to really research and cook without these key ingredients.  I experimented and found ways to make great food with the limitations set forth in front of me.

2014 rolls around and I decide to audition for Masterchef Canada Season 2.  I go to Calgary and prepare my Cioppino for the guest chef.  He liked it, but not enough for me to move on to the show.  I vowed, I would be back and would be a force to reckon with.

The following year, I go and audition for Masterchef Canada Season 3 and created a gluten, dairy and soy free dessert.  It turned out great and the judge loved it.  My on screen audition went well and in August of 2015, I received the call that I had been selected as on of the Top 40.  I was heading to Toronto to tape the show.

My passion for cooking was at an all time high and I felt very confident about my chances on the show.  Then reality hit and it hit hard!  The show was nothing like I thought it was going to be.  I thought it was a cooking show, but I was so wrong.  It was a popularity contest masquerading as a cooking competition.  I spent months preparing for this moment and it was crushed within a mere 15 minutes.


I came back home and my love for cooking was gone.  I didn't watch Masterchef Canada Season 3 and still haven't to this day.  I didn't even watch a cooking show on TV for over a year.  If you ask Jennifer, that was huge!  

But even after all of that, I still wanted to build a restaurant to offer delicious food to those that have restrictions to their diets.  I see too many people having to sacrifice when going out to eat because chefs refuse to be creative and substitute.  I want everyone to be able to eat what they want and to have it taste amazing.


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